Kinda conflicted. I’d like to see hitler whacked, but I would like to see the Alamo defended.

Capture/kill missions of Napoleon, Robert E. Lee, or Antonio Lopez De Santa Ana.

A little different from what you are already doing but more of a combination?

How would arm, secure, defend against infected people (Zombies!) or unwelcome Post Event survivors ?

Custers last stand!

First off, thank you all for your service. The concept behind your show kicks ass; I would love to see how you might approach an attack upon a Roman emperor at the height of Roman military might.

Tier 1 operators vs. elite praetorian guard with the Romans having home field advantage? That’s a show I’d buy a ticket to haha.

Fighting close combat with Indonesian Pencak Silat warriors…Kerambits, Staff, e.t.c….

I always wanted to see modern soldiers vs the redcoats in colonial times

Love all three ideas, but lets kick things off with assassinating Hitler!

I want to see all three missions!

I agree with Johnbomb – would love to see the Alamo and maybe some more details on the weapon mods – doesn’t have to be in the video, but even some blog posts with photos would be cool. Some other ideas I’d love to see would include infiltration of a Vietcong tunnel i.e. a rescue. You also can never go wrong fighting ninjas so that would be fun too.

I love the concept of this show….would really like to see more of the weapon and equipment modifications. When does the next series come out? would love to see them defend the alamo.

Taking Little Round Top

laprofecie tragedies des Siecles

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Ugghh tough call their

Agree with Alvin R, but think a narrative the weaves shows like “Turn” and focuses on tradecraft would be really awesome.

Odin seems like a good CIA character.

Agree with Max hedrone here – focusing on tradecraft would be amazing. I like the whole team, would like to see more about them. Neat unit made up of some stellar spec ops backgrounds.

For sure, what about incorporating how info was shared back then? Also, would be neat to see a preamble from Odin about how they would get intelligence back then?

Good point. How did would they get intel? How would they hide on the island and get close for the attack? Infil/exfil plan?

There were several mutiny rings around the waterfront during these times. Rum runner and slave traders would know when these ships arrived.

There would be a lot of issues with waterproofing a blackpowder/explosive charge with just wax in a cow’s stomach. How could you ensure the burn time was accurate on the wick?

By testing burns times on wicks without explosives, just as is done with modern time fuse

I would love to see Custer’s Last Stand battle or something during the 1800’s wild west. Another good one would be stopping the Civil War earlier by a strategic strike? To me, this show is like Top Shot, Myth Busters and Zero Dark thirty jammed together, but I feel the most interesting part is the Myth busters for the weapons and gear.

This is a fantastic start to a show. I’m definitely geared up for more 👍.
Think a take on civil war era would be an awesome idea.

new to this forum and love the ideas and exchange of info. I was glad to read that the pirates in the show are actually off-duty and retired cops, so its not just a bunch of role-players -that would have been cool to see them interacting and behind the scenes. I think the whole idea of swimming in a blackpowder rifle is a tough one. any splash, wind or shove could make the powder useless or blow away from the pan. Would love to know if the team did something to prevent that? how long did it take to make… Read more »

The scope took half a day. The rifle was contained in a bladder of animal origin with wax and other materials used to seal holes and prevent water from entering barrel.

Also we used percussion primers which was a technology available at that time.

you can build a small “cup” around the powder pan to keep wind from blowing it away. I imagine it would have been tougher to do that back in the 1700’s without wood glue or some sort of adhesive. It would have been much more interesting if we could have seen them build, test and actually get in the water. Maybe shoot the gun from teh water to a target on land to test out the powder and see how the rifling made it more accurate compared to smooth bore.

I agree on the Hitler mission. Incredibly hard for 7 guys to get to the top of the mountain, hit a fortress and kill Hitler. Would be interesting to see/watch how the Time Warriors would approach this. It was a feat of engineering and the walls were 2 feet thick

Remember, the Rangers in WWII did an amazing climbs. Take a look at Riva Ridge:

The only way I could see hitting this compound would be gliders like the Italians did to rescue Mussulini or parachute, but they didnt have freefall chutes then, so no way would a static line drop make it. Sneaking your way up there at night would be tough. Climb it with all of the gear you would need? dont think so.

Would really like to see more of them modifying the weapons, testing them and actually going over the weapons and tactics of the pirates of that era so we can dig more into the historical context. It is true that people of that era did not know how to swim and had little to no weapons training. the metal they used in swords was shit…..if they planned it right and swam in, the could get Blackbeard, but we have no way of knowing if they did or could have blown up his other ships. Simply getting Blackbeard doesnt mean you… Read more »

Good points. We would have loved to test out the charges in the water on perhaps some old wooden row boats. We also agree with you on more footage of building, modifying and shooting the weapons.

Would love to see a longer piece from a historian or professor about how this could have changed our country or the impact taking out Blackbeard would have had on the british/french/dutch. I would love to see the episode of taking out Hitler in his Wolf’s Lair…..not an easy task for 7 guys, regardless of background.

Great concept – Well Done!! I’d also like to see a rescue of the Man in the Iron Mask !!

That is a solid suggestion. It is a fantastic movie and real life story. Thanks for the idea.

I think the whole idea is an interesting one to debate. Pirates where really conscripted sailors who were treated like shit and decided to revolt and become “business men” in their own way. The concept of a swimmers-attach on a ship would be unheard of in those days as most didnt even know how to swim. If in fact this team was able to disrupt piracy back in the 1700’s, you would most likely see the United States today being vastly different. Spain and France would most likely the lower half of our country and the war of independence would… Read more »
Hi guys. Cool premise, well shot and interesting people. The first half of the show is interesting with the research, building and testing of the technology needed for the mission. I think I’d like to see more on that as most of the technology, weapons just appear finished. Also just wondering if there is a way to make the conclusion less arbitrary? The show seems so methodical and tactical up until the actors, simulated combat, and resulting debrief. For example, there was a lot of talk about not alerting the harbour, yet explosive charges were detonated? Maybe sound meters/cameras on… Read more »

Pitchshift – thanks for the insight and ideas. Actually, we do agree with you on all fronts. Hindsight, we felt it was way more fun and interesting than the actual test mission. We did use off-duty CA police as the Pirate force, but the actual simulation was far less interesting. We enjoyed building and shooting and testing out the modified weapons/equipment, far more than any other aspect.

Ok, glad to hear that. Didn’t know the pirates were off duty cops, interesting! Thanks for the response and looking forward to watching more Time Warriors.

Hey. Im curious how the special forces kept there black powder dry in the water?

Thanks Jordan. This is Odin from Time Warriors. We used basic cotton cord, soaked in blackpowder as the time fuse. We then coated/dipped the time fuse in melted wax to water proof it. With this method, the time fuse can actually burn in water. The difficult part is actually getting an accurate “time per foot” on the fuse. Another words, with regular modern time fuse, you cut off a length and test how long it takes to burn a 3′ section, this gives you a consistent “timer” so you cut the fuse based on how long of a time you… Read more »

Sorry I was not more specific. I was refering to the powder in the muskets and pistols. For example shooting from the water or coming out of the water with weapons loaded would dampen the already finiky powder.

Look forward to seeing more. Excellent concept.

AWESOME mission!!! Wow… More please. Seriously unique and creative. The filming is excellent. Nice work!

Would love to see more of the weapon modifications and more range testing of era weapons vs modern rifles. Would also like to see how they built modified swim fins and actually test the ship explosive, rather just on a range. How about making the episodes a little longer and more detail.

How about Battle of Thermopolyae? Have the team help the 300 Spartans defend the pass. Call it “307”. Also I think the modified musket with the homemade scope wouldnt hold up very well back in the 1700’s.

I love the concept of this show. Cowboys vs. Aliens, Robots vs. Monsters, Spec Ops vs. historical battles. I think its much harder to improvise upon the weapons of a specific era. I think it would be cooler if they could use modern spec ops weapons, but then again it would not be a fair fight -so this works. I question the ability to waterproof a fuse for a reliable bomb in the water, but these guys would know.

not sure 7 more guys would have made a difference, unless they can go on the offensive. Perhaps do a swimmer op to hit some of the boats? not sure the state of explosives in those days, but they usually tied the ships up together, you could burn down a lot if you know what your doing.

Battle of Troy

This show is spectacular!
I wonder how North America would be today if Black Beard and piracy was stopped.
Would the US be owned by Spain? France?