If you’d like to purchase one of the weapons Madison Parker builds, contact him at: www.primitivesupplyco.com


I would love to see the next episode in the southwest -Colorado, NM or Wyoming would be terrific. I agree with the other comments below about this Madison being the real deal and the lack of authentic survival experts out there. So many of the videos on line today are hobbyists and view/likes chasers. I like the fact this man lives it and teaches our special forces these skills. Bonafides is very important to me. well done.

Finally a show about survival from a real expert – this guy is a former SEAL from Vietnam, not a hillbilly or some poser trying to teach survival like all the rest. He lived and breathed it for 45 years….I am so tired of all the me-too survival stuff from people who have no real background. Would love to actually see him hunt animals with his bow and spear…..you need more episodes of this. 3 is not enough to get a feel.

It really makes me want to spend some more time in wilderness and try out the things he’s showing

Your shows do NOT disappoint! This series is extremely interesting and the host is authentic and easily relatable. So much to learn from every episode! Keep ’em coming. Would really love to see survival in cold climates.

Love this show. Reminds me a of Primitive TEchnology youtube channel. I like that this guy is a former SEAL from Vietnam and he does this for a living. You have to have a lot of time on your hands to make a spear or trap for raccoons. I would love to see him use it in a real hunting episode -that weould make it so much better.