This is a cool concept, but would love to see more of the movie as well. Might be nice to actually have 2 competing whiskeys on each episode and at the end, they vote on which one is best and why.

I would love to know more about Lew and Mike from SEAL team 6. more stories of their experiences and perhaps have them demonstrate real shooting on a range versus hollywood shooting. Can we get some scotch on the show?

I really like this character Lew. Would love to see the guys talk more about their experiences as well as the movie tactics. What about Tequila? there are so many good tequilas that go great with action movies.

I would like to get hear more insight from the gust as to how they would go about doing a mission or even some personal stories that they wouldn’t mind sharing!

Ok. The host, Lew – outrageous and awesome. Great snag. This series is entertaining, amusing, and really informative. THANKS Lew and friends!

It would be cool if they reviewed some classic Arnold Schwarzenegger movies like Commando, Predator, and The Terminator

I agree….Commando is choked full of bullshit weapons and crap.

How about some Bruce Willis movies. He sucks and it would be cool to see this show pick his scenes a part.